Google Spreadsheets QR Code Generator Add-On

Open this link and add the add-on to Google Spreadsheets.

Release Notes

2015-12-24 - Version 1.1
  • added option to shorten URLs using service
  • added option and support for two columns; one column for values to be encoded second for values to be displayed in Google Document
  • fixed bug when only a numeric value is encoded; add-on was throwing no trim() function error

QR Codes Tab

Selecting Values

To create QR codes from values in a sheet select a single cell.

Or multiple cells in a column.

Selected range can contain empty cells. Those will be skipped.

Or the entire column.

Values in the selected cells will be encoded into QR codes.



Size of QR codes in pixels.

IMPORTANT: If you want to encode long values make sure you select larger size as QR codes have certain character limitations. For example if you want to encode 100 characters into a QR code of Tiny size you will get an empty image as it is not possible to encode so many characters into such small size.

Create Document

When checked add-on creates new Google Document and inserts QR codes into the document. Use this option if you need to print out QR codes.

Following table displays number of QR codes per row for each size.

 Size Number of QR Codes per Row
 Tiny  10
 Small 6
 Medium 4
 Large 3
 Extra Large 2

Draw Border

When checked add-on draws border around QR codes.
NOTE: This option is available only when the option Create Document is checked.

Save as PNG

When checked add-on saves QR codes as PNG files in a folder. Use this option if you need to work with QR codes in graphical format. For example you need to send it to your graphic designer or include on a website.

TIP: You can easily download all PNG files in a ZIP archive. Select the folder and choose the Download option in Google Drive.

Use Second Column

When this option is checked you have to select range with two columns. Values in the first column will be encoded as QR codes. Values from the second column will be inserted below generated QR codes in Google Document (if option Save as Document is checked) or will be used as filenames for PNG files (if option Save as PNG is checked) or both.

NOTE: If the selected range contains empty cells entire rows will be ignored.

Resulting QR code contains value from first column and label from second column.

Shorten URL

If enabled URLs in selected range will be shortened using service. This is particularly handy if you want to encode long URLs into QR codes. These long URLs will be converted into short URLs which contains less characters and QR codes are then faster to scan.

Furthermore, you can login to service and see how many times each shortened URLs was clicked. In other words how many times each QR was scanned.

Generating QR Codes

To generate QR codes either option Create Document must be checked or option Save as PNG or both. Then the button GENERATE is enabled and you can start the process. When the process is over you can open created document or folder.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that generating a single QR code takes a few seconds. If you select many values the process might take several minutes to finish.

Cancelling The Process

If you want to cancel generation of QR codes just press the CANCEL button. This button is available if you select more than five values.


Currently there are following limitations in place:
  • you cannot encode values longer than 500 characters
  • you cannot process more than 100 QR codes in one batch

ID Cards Tab

This section is for users of Mobile attendance solution. Customers can easily and quickly create employee ID cards.

Selecting Employees

To create ID cards for employees you must select a row with exactly three columns where the first row is the ID of an employee, the second name and the third value is surname,

Or multiple rows.

You can select a range with empty rows. Empty rows will be skipped.

Rows will be skipped also if:
  • any of the three values is empty
  • any of the three values contains more than 100 characters


ScriptError: We're sorry, a server error occurred. Please wait a bit and try again.

Affected add-on version: 1.2
Affected users: standard Gmail users

Many users report that the add-on suddenly stopped working and throws this error. We are able to reproduce the issue using Gmail accounts. Paid Google Apps accounts should not be affected.

To resolve the issue you must reset the output folder in menu Add-ons -> QR Code Generator -> Output Folder -> Reset

And use Google Drive Root as the only option for output now. The issue will be fixed in next version.