Free 5 QR Codes

Free quota for users who need to generate just few QR codes. Once you used up all free QR codes you need to wait one hour to restore your free quota.

30-Day Pass

For users who use the add-on frequently there is option to purchase a30-day pass. You can generate as many QR codes as you need.

NOTE: By activating new subscription your active subscription is extended by thirty days. For example if you have last ten days of subscription and you purchase another 30 Day Pass your subscription will be extended by thirty days and you can use the add-on for another forty days.


All payments are securely handled via PayPal payment gateway. If you make a payment you will receive within one minute an email with activation key to top up your paid QR codes or extend subscription.

Payments made via PayPal are refundable under one condition and that is that you have not used the activation key yet. If our records indicate that the activation key was already used refund is not possible.